The dealcoholisation process

Rotkäppchen uses a very gentle dealcoholisation process to preserve the authentic taste of the sparkling wine. This method is unique in the German sparkling wine industry.

The process can be divided into three main steps: The starting point is a cuvée made of selected wines. In the dealcoholisation facility, which consists of around 40 stainless-steel funnels (half of which rotate) the wines are carefully heated under vacuum. The liquid forms an extremely thin film on the funnels. First of all, the bouquet – the somewhat volatile components that provide the taste – is gently extracted from this film. It is collected and stored separately in a protective container.

The second step involves removing the alcohol from the wine. The alcohol is able to evaporate completely under vacuum. This leaves alcohol-free wine, and its natural bouquet is now added to it again unchanged. The final step before bottling is to harmonise the wine by adding expedition liqueur. This rounds off the flavour of the drink.