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People have different reasons for not drinking alcohol. They might be pregnant, or they might drive a lot. Some people choose to consume alcohol-free drinks most of the time – or even all the time – because they place particular importance on their diet.

A small glass of beer, wine or sparkling wine can lift our mood, and in many parts of the world it is simply a part of life. Moderation is key. And nowadays, those who want to keep an eye on their alcohol consumption but still enjoy a variety of drinks can turn to alcohol-free alternatives.
Are alcohol-free drinks healthy?

For any diet to be healthy, you must consume enough fluids. Drinking is important – and the more non-alcoholic drinks you consume, the healthier it is. Water, tea and juice have a cleansing effect. And alcohol-free beer, alcohol-free wine and alcohol-free sparkling wine relieve the burden on the liver. What is more, studies have shown that alcohol-free wine lowers the blood pressure. The secret lies in the right mix.

Can you lose weight with alcohol-free drinks?
If you want to keep an eye on your calorie intake and still enjoy a drink, alcohol-free beverages are a great choice. One alcohol-free beer, for example, has around half the calories of a regular beer. With sparkling wine and wine, the ratio is even better: the alcohol-free versions only contain around one-third of the calories of the regular versions. In addition, alcohol-free drinks don’t stimulate the appetite as much and they are easier on the metabolism, since there is less alcohol to break down.

However, an all-round healthy lifestyle involves more than just switching to alcohol-free drinks. Doctors recommend that we eat a varied, balanced diet and take part in an age-appropriate form of exercise that we enjoy. If we do all this, then a glass of alcohol-free sparkling wine, wine or beer is not so much the reason for our weight loss, but rather a nice reward.


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